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Many of my memories playing basketball come from the early 2000s, which was a great time to be a basketball fan. As I started to play games at the local YMCA, and Michael Jordan’s career was winding down, kids my age didn’t necessarily want to be like Mike. They were more about yelling KOBE after every jump shot.

What does this have to do with web design?

Web design has experienced a dramatic shift over the last 5 years. A website today is much more functional, engaging and appealing than ever before.

Today, websites are a pivotal part of business plans from marketing and advertising to publishing and promotion.

They are rarely limited by anything other than creativity, innovation and development skills.

They have to serve a purpose, be fast and compatible across all devices.

What else?

They have to look good.
They have to look really good.
And they have to be intuitive.

Those two things:
Looks Good….
That is design.

Today, people expect a website to react a certain way while they interact with it. Even more so in the future.

From business insider,
“More than one-third of babies start using smart phones and tablets before they learn how to walk or talk”

Walk OR Talk.

This baby generation will know how to use a Samsung Galaxy and an Apple iPad before they can do the TWO of the most BASIC things it takes to be human.


If a website doesn’t look good and do the things people think it should, people will quickly exit.

These people — and their babies — will leave your company behind for good. Or worse, they will lose value in what your business provides.

In one of my favorite books, The Little Black Book of Design, it states,

“Simple is complex.”

If your website simply looks good and does the things people want it do-
it doesn’t matter if your team is whack or your knees hurt-

Or if you’re if you’re overlooked and devalued-

You prepare yourself to win every time.
And most of the time, you do-

Just like Kobe Bryant.



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